WiP: In the Land of Sand and Stone



In-the-Land-of-Sand-and-Stone-fullFinna is fresh off enjoying Homeland Security’s hospitality after her arrogance overtook her hacking skills. Out and about, she’s looking to worm her way into the city’s Vampyr hierarchy as an IT gun for hire.

She had an interview. It went well. They let her live.

Finna’s holed up with an unlikely roommate, an author writing suspense novels, but it’s more than Annie’s words putting the thrill in Finna’s active imagination. Finna-call-me-Finn is getting attached, and that never works out for her.

When her German handler gets on the horn, his message of good tidings and contract terms reminds Finna there’s more at stake than her hormones. She’s going to have to infiltrate Vampyr Central, come hell or high water.

At the rate she’s going, hip-high waders aren’t going to cut it.

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3 Responses to WiP: In the Land of Sand and Stone

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  2. mo883mpetersdesires says:

    Oh. My. This looks DELICIOUS. I was going to write, but I think I’d rather read!


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