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Reviews ‘n Recs: A Hot Summer of #MM #GoodReads

This summer I’ve lucked out on a bonanza of outstanding genre and literary fiction reads. Whatever you’re looking for—a feel good romance, a hit of suspense, a frisson of fear, or having your world go askew—one of these authors can … Continue reading

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Sunday Short: Purple Shroud

From a collection of short stories, flash fiction, poetry and essays: Choptank Blues and Other Stories…   PURPLE SHROUD “Come on, now, you two. Get in the van. It’s getting late.” “Grandma? Why can’t I stay and play with Amy?” … Continue reading

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The Epiphany of Paul #Erotica #Short

The Epiphany of Paul I was no connoisseur, far from it, so when Michel—I’ll be your server, tonight, gentlemen—tipped the cork into my fingers, they moved dutifully to waft the essence of pomegranate and lavender and the stink of unwashed … Continue reading

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Cole in His Stocking: Chapter 2 – In the Land of the Plus One

Chapter Two: In the Land of the Plus One Cole O’Neil addressed the light fixture. “This was a mistake.” The three-armed monstrosity in chrome and flat black hung suspended in the air, its primary function to give the illusion of illumination … Continue reading

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Something Extra

“Tandie, hon?  Yeah, it’s me.  Listen, I think my cover’s blown.” “Where you at, girlfriend?” “The middle of fricking nowheresville.  With bugs, bugs bigger than a fucking Greyhound bus, that’s where I am.” “Take a breath, sweetie, and tell your … Continue reading

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Saturday Short: Jacob

Jacob Avoiding the logging roads with their cavernous ruts and knee deep muck seemed like a good idea. The deer trails and moose highways were no improvement … and I knew that because I’d just slogged seven miles, straight out. … Continue reading

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