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A Blizzard of Unwanted Author Newsletters #Rant

Holy Stop the Presses, Get Me Off This Damn Newsletter Deluge, Batman! Out of nowhere, two of my email accounts were inundated with FREE! LAUNCH! NEW! UPCOMING! READ MORE! All from authors I never heard of, writing in a variety … Continue reading

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Publishing: That’s Not How It Works #rantaliciousness

It began on Face Book… No, wait. It began with anticipation, with having had positive experiences reading a particular author’s works. It began with seeing the posts about a new one, the reported word counts and the countdowns, the fans a’buzzing. … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Kindle Unlimited: The Arctic Rant Edition 1

Y’all know by now we’re breaking records and freezing our patooties off in the Northeast US. That means typing on the keyboard  wearing gloves with the finger tips removed, wool socks, frozen water pipes and ice, lots of ice. You … Continue reading

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2015: For better or worse?

2014 was a crap year and I do mean a shit storm of bad and worser luck via vehicles imploding (or exploding as the case may be), accidents, bursting pipes leading to flooding, leading to more pipes going wonky, leading … Continue reading

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Rant: The Ghettoization of Erotic Content

I’ve been stewing over an issue for a few days. I write, as I hope y’all know by now, in a variety of genres: homoerotic lit, M/M contemporary, paranormal, suspense… Hells bells, I write het romance and historical when the … Continue reading

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Ranty McRant: 6 reasons not to finish a book

I used to finish every book. Good, bad, indifferent, I soldiered on, committed to the words, to the concept of digesting what the author had on offer. Mining for nuggets. Back then, even the stinkers often provided a hidden gem … Continue reading

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Rantalicious Tuesday

I went off on my Face Book page but decided my blood pressure isn’t coming down yet so here’s to sharing the wealth. RANT ON: >>I’m sick of shilling my work. It sucks every creative instinct clean away. >>I’m sick … Continue reading

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In This Circus, Your Monkey’s on My Back

The news in the blogsphere is atwitter with Amazon’s now notorious email to its stable of authors soliciting help tilting at windmills because Amazon is friend to all readers everywhere and friends don’t let friends spend exorbitant sums of money … Continue reading

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