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Is the drought over? #babysteps #amwriting

It’s been months, at least five long ones, since I immersed myself in writing another book. Part of the problem was an embarrassment of riches—five stories in WiP-stage, some 12-15K words along. I couldn’t seem to whip up enthusiasm to … Continue reading

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Hump Day #Rants and #PublishingNews

As a writer, sometimes it doesn’t pay to get out of bed… really. I just learned Scribd has finally been forced to face the reality that their business model isn’t sustainable. We all knew that, but for romance authors it … Continue reading

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Kindle Unlimited: The Bail Edition

When Amazon changed the rules of the game with only a 24 hour notice (no, really?!) to the per pages read payment model, I—and everyone else—cried foul, but I had already committed 8 titles to the program as an experiment. … Continue reading

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Transgressive Erotic Fiction: Are you brave enough to cross the line?

~~When you listen, really listen, hold your breath, stop everything, stop sound, stop the air sloughing in and out of your lungs, stop the sweat and the spit and piss and the cum, and hear your heart, listen to the … Continue reading

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If you can’t sell ’em, give ’em away #Free #Amazon #2days

ROMAN (Saints and Sinners) Genre: Paranormal, occult, suspense, thriller FREE 2 days only on AMAZON Some secrets are worth keeping… TJ Nowak lost a mother with ice in her veins but gained a father she barely knew. Her brother Anton … Continue reading

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Kindle Unlimited: The Reader Perspective

Did you ever have a reality check? You know the one… EoM, the MasterCard statement arrives with page after page of charges, many (and I do mean many) of them shoring up the juggernaut we lovingly call The Zon (not … Continue reading

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Amazon’s Pay by the Page on KU: I do the math so you don’t have to

Day 2 of The Odyssey of Falling Royalties The pogrom at Scribd commences with about 30K romance titles slashed from their catalog because romance readers actually *gasp* read. A lot. Any analyst worth his salt could have explained that the … Continue reading

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On KU Adjustments, Kerfuffles and an Impassioned Plea from a Respected Author

Face Book is a hotbed of information and opinion ops this fine morning (not fine for long, not with storms bearing down like a freight train).   One of the major kerfuffles has been over Amazon’s newest “initiative/adjustment” to how … Continue reading

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The New Scam Bilking Readers

On a recommendation, I picked up a that turned out to be 21 (est.) pages for 99c. It was a single erotic scene, lacking much lead-in, a very long scene of affection, and then a cutesy throw-away line at … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Kindle Unlimited: The Arctic Rant Edition 1

Y’all know by now we’re breaking records and freezing our patooties off in the Northeast US. That means typing on the keyboard  wearing gloves with the finger tips removed, wool socks, frozen water pipes and ice, lots of ice. You … Continue reading

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