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Tuscan Garlic Chicken #Recipe #Hidinginthekitchen

Honestly, folks… I don’t know what to write anymore. The spreading darkness is a cancer on our collective polity. I’m trying to process it, decide how best to react. But in the meantime, I’m experimenting in the kitchen as a … Continue reading

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HumpDay Means Slaving Over the Stove #NEClamChowder #Muffins #Recipes

I was going to write, but as is too often the case lately, the words wouldn’t come. Instead of wallowing in depression, I decided to do something positive… bake blueberry sour cream lemon muffins and prepare a big pot of … Continue reading

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One Dish Wonder: Sweet ‘n Sour Chicken and Veggies Hawaiian Style

The garden yield has gone sky high, what with all the rain. I stripped the snow peas today, thinned the scallions, and found some veggies in the fridge tottering on the edge of being suitable only for soup. Add to … Continue reading

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