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The Wrong Side of Right #Transgressive #Erotica #Excerpt

Tony Mitchell lives a half-life of quiet desperation, a life of soul-sucking yearning, a life pockmarked with emptiness and unearned regrets. When the man in black leather punishes him with the promise of pain and the lure of desire, Tony’s … Continue reading

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Gay Lit Fic #Recommendations

My head’s been spinning over the number of exceptional books that have graced my Kindle lately, all of them occupying the broader category of gay literary fiction rather than the narrow confines of the trope-laden and increasingly formulaic M/M romance … Continue reading

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Recommended Reads #fangirl #mightsurpriseyou

It’s been a season of ups and downs, weather-wise, life-wise, and reading-wise. I found quite a few turkeys I couldn’t even finish, most of them acquired via Kindle Unlimited (don’t judge, I’m on a fixed income, and besides… it’s research, … Continue reading

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Would I Lie to You? 3 Books You Want to Have on Your Shelf

Lately I’ve backed off reading standard M/M romances because there’s a distressing sameness to so many of them: contrived characters, derivative plots, endless repetitive whining, unrealistic dialog, and an overabundance of back stories relying solely on abuse and self-inflicted wounds. … Continue reading

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