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The Thin Red Line (#Erotica, #NSFW, #Poll)

The prompt: a door, nothing else. One rule, 500 words, no more. The scene: a scream of torment. Going head-to-head, transgressive, judged. One said it scared her too much to finish. This is my offering, flaying my soul, so choose, … Continue reading

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The woman we called Mam shivered like she did, not from cold, but more like it was a thing that crept along the edges, fearsome in ways me ‘n Sammie ne’er could comprehend. Not by a lick. What Pa seen … Continue reading

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Flash Fiction: Charles

Charles  Eyes closed, I was cruising on the treadmill next to the track, working up a sweat. “You’re new here, aren’t you?” I turned and smiled. He continued, “I’ve been coming here for eleven years. I’m Charles …” “Hi, Charles, … Continue reading

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Monday Shorts: V8

“She’s a beaut ain’t she, boy?” “Suppose so.” “Don’ make ’em like that anymore.” “Uh-huh, if you say so, Gramps.” “Had me one, back in the day.” “Can we go now?” “Hold onto yer britches, boy, we got us plenty … Continue reading

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A Tuesday Minute Read: Diurnal

She loves the early morning mist, still, sounds muted, Frissons of cool stealing round her ankles, wayward, timid, Ready to bolt as the hammer of heat stands poised …        She loves the night, cooling to chocolatey silk, … Continue reading

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