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#Review of MAX by Bey Deckard #LaunchDay

It’s LAUNCH DAY for the highly anticipated MAX by Bey Deckard. And this is me… fangirling like a boss! The author says: Folks who dislike unhealthy relationships, are sensitive to consent ambiguity, or have eurotophobia should take a big step … Continue reading

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Deconstructing Stephen Hoppa’s Everything Between Us #Review #Erotica #Critique #MM

Author: Stephen Hoppa Title: Everything Between Us Genre: Erotica, gay fiction, bisexual romance Page count: 279 Publisher: Self-published Amazon and Kindle Unlimited The Blurb: Ethan is confused about more than just his sexuality the night he wanders into a white-trash … Continue reading

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The Wrong Side of Right #Transgressive #Erotica #Excerpt

Tony Mitchell lives a half-life of quiet desperation, a life of soul-sucking yearning, a life pockmarked with emptiness and unearned regrets. When the man in black leather punishes him with the promise of pain and the lure of desire, Tony’s … Continue reading

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#Review of Quillon’s Covert by Joseph Lance Tonlet and Louis Stevens

When you go into a story knowing the subject matter is considered taboo and/or transgressive—centering on an incestuous relationship between father and son—you certainly don’t expect to be caught up in a beautifully realized tale of sensual exploration that is … Continue reading

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Gay Lit Fic #Recommendations

My head’s been spinning over the number of exceptional books that have graced my Kindle lately, all of them occupying the broader category of gay literary fiction rather than the narrow confines of the trope-laden and increasingly formulaic M/M romance … Continue reading

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Good Boy Bad #NewCover #Erotica #GayLiteraryFiction

Tank is a man with a violent past. We first met him in The Wrong Side of Right—he was the man who led Tony down a dark path of seduction and dangerous cravings. Now Tank is on a mission, seeking … Continue reading

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Friday Teaser

From the WiP: Brick by Brick (Six Easy Pieces) Defiance turned to insolence. “You should be grateful, old man. You’re the first.” Shedding dewy youth, the boy’s face hardened into tight lines, the mouth pinched with a mixture of disgust … Continue reading

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The Epiphany of Paul #Erotica #Short

The Epiphany of Paul I was no connoisseur, far from it, so when Michel—I’ll be your server, tonight, gentlemen—tipped the cork into my fingers, they moved dutifully to waft the essence of pomegranate and lavender and the stink of unwashed … Continue reading

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The Thin Red Line (#Erotica, #NSFW, #Poll)

The prompt: a door, nothing else. One rule, 500 words, no more. The scene: a scream of torment. Going head-to-head, transgressive, judged. One said it scared her too much to finish. This is my offering, flaying my soul, so choose, … Continue reading

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Rant: The Ghettoization of Erotic Content

I’ve been stewing over an issue for a few days. I write, as I hope y’all know by now, in a variety of genres: homoerotic lit, M/M contemporary, paranormal, suspense… Hells bells, I write het romance and historical when the … Continue reading

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