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Ricky by Ashley John #BookReview #Gay #Romance

Title: Ricky Author: Ashley John Genre: Gay romance Page count: 316 Publisher: Self-published AMAZON On the surface, Ricky Thompson’s life is one long party. His razor sharp wit and unwavering sexual confidence masks his true pain and suffering, and that’s … Continue reading

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Dangerous Places by Elaine Raco Chase #Review

Elaine Raco Chase reminded me of all the things I grew up loving, in the cinema and in my reading choices—things that are too often missing from today’s offerings. The Blurb: The 7 Deadly Sins have never been so – … Continue reading

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The Eagle and the Fox #BookReview Made My Day

It’s snowing, again. I can live with that but not the looming ice storm that’s going to morph into a torpical downpour on top of all the crap we have on the ground. *whimpers* Ro went down to the barn … Continue reading

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#Review of Quillon’s Covert by Joseph Lance Tonlet and Louis Stevens

When you go into a story knowing the subject matter is considered taboo and/or transgressive—centering on an incestuous relationship between father and son—you certainly don’t expect to be caught up in a beautifully realized tale of sensual exploration that is … Continue reading

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Thursday Thoughts

The first thing I saw, coffee cup in hand, logged in, mail checked, weather confirmed (I look out the window, saves time), birds fed inside and out (parakeets in, feeders on deck), Herself with food/water/belly rub, buh-bye to Firstborn have … Continue reading

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Waving Goodbye with a Heartfelt Thank You

This is the final day for GGR-PromoGroup’s sponsored Jerking Iron Book Blog Tour. Thanks to all the wonderful hosts for their participation and kind words. You are an awesome group. Today’s participants are: BFD Book Blog has one of the … Continue reading

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