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#Review of MAX by Bey Deckard #LaunchDay

It’s LAUNCH DAY for the highly anticipated MAX by Bey Deckard. And this is me… fangirling like a boss! The author says: Folks who dislike unhealthy relationships, are sensitive to consent ambiguity, or have eurotophobia should take a big step … Continue reading

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Amazon Bullying Round Two #EPICVENT

I wish I could shower you with unicorn farts and glitter this fine morning, but no… sorry. I received (to my surprise) a followup email from the Zon regarding that charge of review manipulation: Hello, Thank you for taking the … Continue reading

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Amazon Bullying Hits Home #EPICVENT

Just copy/pasted off my FB page because I’m foaming at the mouth and honestly… not coherent right now. Odds are pretty good I’m going to be kicked off Amazon and my author account forfeit. They lobbed a charge of review … Continue reading

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Varian Krylov’s The God of Jazz: Fugue, Concord #review #excerpt

  TITLE: The God of Jazz: Fugue, Concord AUTHOR: Varian Krylov COVER ARTIST: Bey Deckard LENGTH: 117,450 words RELEASE DATE: September 16, 2016 BLURB: After years struggling to realize his dream of directing a feature film, on the final night … Continue reading

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Is the drought over? #babysteps #amwriting

It’s been months, at least five long ones, since I immersed myself in writing another book. Part of the problem was an embarrassment of riches—five stories in WiP-stage, some 12-15K words along. I couldn’t seem to whip up enthusiasm to … Continue reading

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I’m Gonna Call It: Boxing Days

It rained, yay! Just enough to drive the humidity sky high and my energy level into the pits. What better time to tackle another box set, this time it’s The Ranch to Market Chronicles. I’m slogging through edits, because there … Continue reading

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Together At Last: The Men of Crow Creek #Collection

THE CROW CREEK SERIES, together in one awesome collection! ASH & OAK brings together two men separated by a continent, united by a mutual love for horses. Oak Richards is shy & reclusive, Ash MacBryde is domineering & territorial. When … Continue reading

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Why the Fashion Industry is Dying—Laughing at Salad & Cleavage Snacks

Originally posted on Kristen Lamb's Blog:
Today we are going to talk about something a bit different, but maybe this might inspire your fiction, because if the world changes guarantee you a writer was behind it 😉 . As…

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Mending Fences on Sale & A Freshly Minted Box Set

Perhaps of all the Crow Creek stories, Mending Fences—the one that finally gives Ben Kincaid his HEA—is my favorite. After years of carrying a torch for Oak—from the time they were kids right up to when he joins Ash and … Continue reading

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Lemons, Lemons Everywhere!

These last few weeks have been… difficult. Medical issues (the pneumonia which persisted for a loooong time), blood work, then follow-up visits to the doctor, and the big push for this ‘n that test, have a pill… No wait! have … Continue reading

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