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Reviews ‘n Recs: A Hot Summer of #MM #GoodReads

This summer I’ve lucked out on a bonanza of outstanding genre and literary fiction reads. Whatever you’re looking for—a feel good romance, a hit of suspense, a frisson of fear, or having your world go askew—one of these authors can … Continue reading

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The Joy of Catharsis

Originally posted on cleverboots:
Photograph by Marco Sanges (2011) I’m kind of an emotional junkie. Whether due to empathy, sensitivity or maladaptation, I tend to feel emotion (both mine and other people’s) really intensely and, every now and then, I…

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Don’t be a Dick

Having been the object of hateful bile on Goodreads, boy howdy I do relate to this. The only difference: I’m not ready to quit. Learn yes, quit no.

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Hot Damn! Coming to #Audiobook! Curling Iron (Bad Boyfriends)

It brings me great pleasure to announce that Book 1 in the Bad Boyfriends Series, CURLING IRON, will be available soon as an audiobook. Narrated by the tremendous voice talent, Michael Ferraiuolo, who had me in raptures over his treatment … Continue reading

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Men Reading the Erotic

Originally posted on Emmanuelle de Maupassant:
Almost fifty male readers of erotic fiction (some wishing to remain anonymous) have shared their views on how this genre compels them, and how it has shaped their thinking. A significant number of these…

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The 90 Day Rule coming to #Audiobook #SportsRomance

It’s with great pleasure to announce that Jill Arehart has agreed to narrate THE 90 DAY RULE. I’ve been cautiously dipping my toe in the audiobook format, and now that Roman (Saints and Sinners) and Points on a Curve are … Continue reading

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When you bare your soul…

There are times… rare, precious times… when you slip on someone else’s skin and find the fit to be… …violently authentic, unrelentingly honest. Bearing the pickling sensations of déjà vu and the ghost images of lives lived, lives lost, lives … Continue reading

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Breaking into the International Market #HappyDance #WooHoo

It’s with great pleasure to officially announce that I’ve joined the Me and the Muse Publishing family to bring Curling Iron (Book 1, Bad Boyfriends) to the German market. I’ve long toyed with the idea of translating my own work … Continue reading

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Another Day of Mourning, or how to radicalize an old broad

It’s with a heavy heart that I read about yet more senseless slaughter of innocent victims, including 10 children. A National Holiday. People gathering to celebrate their unity and their inclusion. How does a man become filled with so much … Continue reading

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Now I know how Herself feels

Arthritis runs in the family. My Uncle Art had it in his back and he suffered greatly from it. The first thing you saw was his bent form, not his face or his long, elegant fingers, or the shy kindness … Continue reading

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