It’s Alive! It’s in Print! #happydance

I love my Kindle Fire, I truly do, but nothing… and I do mean nothing… beats the tactile experience of clutching a book you’ve written to your ample bosom…

…or manly, broad, impressive chest (it’s all about diversity, innit?).


The Ranch to Market Series began with a long novella/short novel, The Reluctant Alpha. Then came Alpha Framed, still a short novel. Finally Alpha’s Last Stand which morphed into a proper novel length.

I thought about doing each one in print, but oy vey with the costs for POD (print on demand) and shipping being what they are, I couldn’t justify doing that. Instead I put the three volumes together, formatted the beast into a manageable page count so it doesn’t break anybody’s bank, and tah-dah!

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00008]

Cover by the fabulous Sessha Batto

The Reluctant Alpha Trilogy came in at a suave 382 pages with 162+K word count, thanks to font compression and a bit of legerdemain on my part to get it looking pretty dang professional if I do say so myself.


The proof copy revealed a wee hiccough: seems I couldn’t recall the exact title (senior moment, dontcha know) and even after multiple passes I failed to notice the gaff, so I have a flawed copy which will one day net my heirs a tidy sum on the underground gay shifter book market.

Don’t laugh… stranger things ‘n all that.

After a few swear words and another pass through the Create Space system, I now have two clean copies, properly titled, one of which goes signed to a couple of good friends who’ve supported me and fangirled me over the years. The other is…

…mine, my precious.


Pricing print books is always a hoot. Create Space has a nifty calculator which specifies the minimum you can charge (actual printing cost + CS’s cut of the action) and what your meager royalty will be depending on the price point selected. I try to keep my print copies close to trade paperback prices, even if that means I’m getting just a few pennies off a sale. I do better if the sale goes through the Create Space Store, but hardly anyone shops there so what’s the point.

Anyhoo, I decided on $14.50 as a good price point for a medium-sized doorstop, then reconsidered and dropped it to $12.50—any lower and I’d bump into the Zon’s min/max requirements.

So, if you like the heft of a good paperback (6 x 9, font more readable than most trades, 3 full books included) and you fancy a different take on the shifter mythology, you groove on gay fiction, you like a bit of action-adventure, suspense and mystery, and you don’t care if it’s not a romance but there’s enough sizzle to melt your linoleum… do I have a deal for you!

Reluctant-Alpha-Trilogy-EboTHE RELUCTANT ALPHA TRILOGY (PRINT):   


Sometimes the end of your quest is only the beginning…

Trust is a strange commodity. It can’t be bought, but it can be sold. And sometimes it’s not the highest bidder you want when the going gets tough. Faced with losing control over all he cares about, Coy sets in motion a string of events that puts his own sanity on the line.

Coy’s got a choice. It’s not a good one, but it’s all he has.

With bravery and foolhardiness two sides of the same coin, it doesn’t take long for the odds to stack against the reluctant alpha and those who still believe in him.

Question is… can he believe in himself?


Karo, an Amazon reviewer says of Alpha Framed:

This is the second book in the Ranch to Market Chronicles series. The series name, for me, is totally inadequate, since it makes the series sound tame, which it definitely is not! As I said in my short review of the first book in the series, if you’re looking for a typical, formulaic shifter romance with one true mate and an HEA, this might not be for you, but if you’re looking for great writing, a complex (and flawed) main character, an interesting cast of supporting characters, a new take on shifters/weres, a plot with real conflict (as opposed to trite misunderstandings), and some hot sex with BDSM themes, buy this book right away! In this second book, the fight for the ranch becomes even more critical and dangerous. There are new villains, new allies, more intrigue, and a shocking betrayal that might indicate that there are more factions and motivations than Coy knew of. Things are looking bleak for Coy and the ranch of misfits…and I can’t wait for the third book to come out!

Marisu Fronc says of Alpha’s Last Stand:

This entire series is a transgressive tour de force. It breaks the usual boundaries of what shifters and alphas should be, and in the process, gives us a startling insight into one man’s confliction over his place in the world. Thoughtful, well-drawn characters and a cracking plot with plenty of unexpected twists and turns kept me reading without stop until the end. Your emotions will take a roller coaster ride not to be beat, and that is a very good thing!


If you are a diehard eBook fan you can find the individual titles here:

THE RELUCTANT ALPHA (99c):    AMAZON    |    ARe    |    B&N    |    APPLE    |    KOBO

ALPHA FRAMED:    AMAZON    |    ARe    |    B&N    |    APPLE    |    KOBO

ALPHA’S LAST STAND:    AMAZON    |    ARe    |    B&N    |    APPLE    |    KOBO


And last, but definitely not least, here’s to all my fans/readers/supporters.

Y’all rock my world!

About Nya Rawlyns

Nya Rawlyns doesn’t write typical romance. She writes emotion as a contact sport, rough and often raw. It need not be pleasant, heart-warming or forever after. What she seeks is what lies beneath—a dance of extremes, the intersect of need and desire, and the compromises we make when pain and pleasure become indistinguishable. ***** She has lived in the country and on a sailboat on the Chesapeake Bay, earned more than 1000 miles in competitive trail and endurance racing, taught Political Science to unwilling freshmen, and found an avocation in materials science. ***** When she isn’t tending to her garden or the horses, the cats, or three pervert parakeets, she can be found day dreaming and listening to the voices in her head.
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