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They followed me home, can I keep them? #LoveMyReaders

Most, some… well, a few… folks know I post books serial fashion on my Whisper of Wings website. Now, they aren’t exactly “serials” as such, with cliffies and a stay tuned for the next episode vibe. These are (pretty) well-edited … Continue reading

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Interesting Times #PlayingCatchup #EducatingMyself

I have good friends in the UK, people I’ve actually met, stayed with, had dinner with. Good people, kind and intelligent. One voted to stay in the EU, one voted to leave. Both had done their research, both had valid, … Continue reading

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It’s Alive! It’s in Print! #happydance

I love my Kindle Fire, I truly do, but nothing… and I do mean nothing… beats the tactile experience of clutching a book you’ve written to your ample bosom… …or manly, broad, impressive chest (it’s all about diversity, innit?). The … Continue reading

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Get Hooked on Cowboys Summer Blowout #FreeBooks #Specials

To celebrate the First Day of Summer, the cowgirls at GET HOOKED ON COWBOYS want you to start your summer season off with a bang! Check out COWBOY CANDY for amazing free offers on some of the hottest titles around. … Continue reading

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Father’s Day Hero

His name was Raymond Clifford Nelson, but to me he was just Dad. He first worked at Western Electric, rolling the coils of line. Then at Bond Bread, delivering door-to-door in hilly Conshohocken, occasionally making retail deliveries. When we moved … Continue reading

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I may come by writing more naturally than many. It’s a legacy from years of bullying. Of being shoved up against the lockers. Or sneered at, hands clasped over mouths, hiding grins than revealed not mirth but the violence of … Continue reading

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I Am Orlando

Refuse to live in fear. Refuse to let hate win. Refuse to accept the judgment of others. PEACE TO ALL THE SOULS WHO ARE VICTIMS OF THE WORST MASS SLAUGHTER ON AMERICAN SOIL LIGHT CANDLES TAKE BACK THE NIGHT

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Launch Day! Alpha’s Last Stand, Book 3 Ranch to Market Chronicles #Sales

I love doing character arcs, following a man’s journey as he crosses the divide into awareness of who he is and what he might still become. Coy Carruthers is such a man. Cast into a role not of his making, … Continue reading

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For the pirates/parasites. This ones for you… listen closely, fuckers.

Originally posted on RJ Jones:
If you’re one of those people who are ‘poor’ and ‘can’t afford to buy books because… poor’ and you download them from a pirate website, then you need to listen the hell up. I am…

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Future Library – fun, fad, fantasy or folly?

Originally posted on Zen and the Art of Tightrope Walking:
Future Library – fun, fad, fantasy or folly? You might have spotted various articles recently concerning the project called Future Library. I’m not giving links because, for one thing, you…

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