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There’s no place like home #Transjourney #Momisknackered

Firstborn was released on Tuesday. After a quick happy dance, Mom promptly over-dosed on Tylenol Extra Strength because there were three flights of steps, down which I had to schlep the jumbo-sized luggage, bags of mostly protein drinks, soup, applesauce … Continue reading

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Baby Steps #BeingTrans #Reveals

It’s been a full week since the surgery. The bruising has faded to a greenish-yellow. Firstborn’s eyes are open, the nose guard and stents are out, some stitches were removed, the swelling is going down (excruciatingly slowly but it’s a … Continue reading

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Hitting the Road, Hoping for the Best

Yesterday was one of those down days for Firstborn. Although the healing continues—she can open both eyes enough to read a little, there are hints of cheekbones, the nose stents/braces (whatever they’re called) are out—sleeping is dicey and catch as … Continue reading

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Day 2 Post-Op #TMIAlert

Wednesday, Day 2 out from a 7+ hour long operation in this gender reassignment/feminization journey for Firstborn, aka Rowena. It’s one thing to know this ‘n that will happen – shorten the distance from the upper lip to the nostrils, … Continue reading

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You can’t make this stuff up

5am wakeup, slogging around, getting dressed, making sure Mom’s got the car keys. Then out to the parking area to await pickup at 5:40. On. The. Dot. Thirty minutes later Firstborn comes back to the apartment… no doctor. She paws … Continue reading

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And so the adventure begins…

Well, it’s here. The last couple days have gone by in a blur. We leave this afternoon to head to Philly, to meet with the surgeon and get settled in the apartment/recovery center. It’s on the outskirts of the city, … Continue reading

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Transitions Countdown

I don’t talk about it very often, mostly because it’s not my journey, not my story to tell. But… then again, it is. Many of you who know me also know my son is transitioning to be my daughter. Actually … Continue reading

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No Frills and Gritty: Dance Macabre #noir

Only the broken know true freedom… Angel no longer gives a damn. The stranger does. One of them is wrong. Billed as “Edge City after the lights go out” and “…no frills and a gritty, thrilling read.”  “If you don’t … Continue reading

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Sunday Short: Purple Shroud

From a collection of short stories, flash fiction, poetry and essays: Choptank Blues and Other Stories…   PURPLE SHROUD “Come on, now, you two. Get in the van. It’s getting late.” “Grandma? Why can’t I stay and play with Amy?” … Continue reading

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April Book Recommendations #GayFiction

I’ve been wallowing in a plethora of truly awesome reads lately, thanks to Scott Burkett of GGR-Reviews who always finds something new, exciting and challenging for me to sink my teeth into. Even the hated Kindle Unlimited has coughed up … Continue reading

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