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News flash: A Plagiarist is a “Kindle All-Star”

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So here’s a depressing story. “Novelist” Joanne Clancy made enough syntactical changes to several out of print novels by Ingrid Black to pass them off as her own. As always, it was only because a keen-eyed…

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Amazon Denies My Reviews #DenialofService #VerifiedPurchase

I submitted my review to Amazon for A Room Full of Elephants by Anthony Camber and got this: “Sorry, we are unable to accept your review of this product. Amazon does not permit reviews from customers whose relationship to the … Continue reading

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A Room Full of Elephants (Anthony Camber) #BookReview

Title: A Room Full of Elephants Author: Anthony Camber Genre: Science fiction & fantasy, action-adventure, mystery, gay fiction Page count: 303 Amazon   The Blurb: The impossible happens. Now what? Keith’s a superstar software tester – in his own humble … Continue reading

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Alpha Framed, The Adventure Continues #BookLaunch

Coy Carruthers has a problem, a big one. Against everyone’s wishes, he’s created a sanctuary for the broken and abused, the wounded and damaged almost beyond repair, giving them hope and a safe place to live out their lives. That’s … Continue reading

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Because it’s Monday…

I have to do my taxes today. The coffee’s brewing, the kitchen table’s been cleared with a front end loader to make space for the piles of paper (don’t laugh, it’s true!), aspirin bottle is at the ready. I should … Continue reading

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St. Padraig’s Day #AReBookBlast #Sale

Well, ’tis a fine day to be Irish! Happy St. Paddy’s Day to one and all! Come celebrate with ALL ROMANCE EBOOKS where all my titles are discounted, 25% off, today only. THE CROW CREEK SERIES: Ash& Oak    Pulling Leather    … Continue reading

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Random Sputtering #KU #Politics #BloodPressure

Well, it’s been quite a week so far. Thank the gods and goddesses it’s half over, though at this point I’m not sure my BP*’s gonna stay within a moderately healthy range if it keeps on keeping on in the … Continue reading

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With “Digital Doping,” Amazon’s the FIFA of selfpub, and what only YOU can do!

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Update: Amazon replies here: Allegedly these books won’t have their pages counted towards the pot… Selena Kitt said it best on this blog post. If you’re just coming in to this conversation, it…

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Not making $ in KU 2.0? Pub a 3000 page book with a “Prize” at the end!

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Seriously. The reason the rest of us are making $.0041 a page is because scammers have figured out how to get 3000 pages read with one click. Someone’s even posted instructions on how to…

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When The End Becomes To Be Continued

Firstborn’s faceplant and subsequent broken shoulder (thanks young master Czar for being a nitwit that day) derailed my writing for far longer than I ever imagined possible. I usually write every single day, because like muscle memory, when you get … Continue reading

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