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Dangerous Places by Elaine Raco Chase #Review

Elaine Raco Chase reminded me of all the things I grew up loving, in the cinema and in my reading choices—things that are too often missing from today’s offerings. The Blurb: The 7 Deadly Sins have never been so – … Continue reading

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Some New Fangirl #HotReads #Recommendations

With the really crappy weather keeping me busy caring for critters, I didn’t have as much time to read as I would have liked. That being said, I still managed to find a few new authors whose works (I think) … Continue reading

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Cajun Chicken ‘n Veggies over Rice #Recipe

Looked at the weather report. It’s iffy for those of us north of the Lehigh Valley, in the “higher elevations”. Whatever happens, it’ll be measured in inches (up to 2″ if it changes to straight rain). Cripes, the mud in … Continue reading

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Shame on You AOL/Huffington! NO More Literary Booty Calls

Originally posted on Kristen Lamb's Blog:
Kristen goes FULL VIKING. Okay, so I just about calm down then see something that fires me up. So yes folks, I put on my war paint. And Huffington Post? You have simply…

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Hump Day #Rants and #PublishingNews

As a writer, sometimes it doesn’t pay to get out of bed… really. I just learned Scribd has finally been forced to face the reality that their business model isn’t sustainable. We all knew that, but for romance authors it … Continue reading

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The Eagle and the Fox #BookReview Made My Day

It’s snowing, again. I can live with that but not the looming ice storm that’s going to morph into a torpical downpour on top of all the crap we have on the ground. *whimpers* Ro went down to the barn … Continue reading

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Blueberry Lemon Sour Cream Bread #Recipe #NSFWKitchenHelp

I don’t bake very often, it’s just not my best skill set. The cookies always come out looking like chocolate chip tortillas. If the dough’s supposed to rise, and then you punch it down… well, that’s almost always a knockout … Continue reading

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The Worm Turned and Bit my A$$

I logged off the computer, went to see Hail Caesar (some moments of brilliance but basically didn’t work, grade of C), came home, logged onto the computer… like you do. The first indication I had a problem was the notification … Continue reading

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The Magic of If

If we were together, we’d laugh and joke and trade all the minutiae of life because it’s in the details that character is shaped, love is shared and a history is forged. The older I get, the more I value … Continue reading

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Kindle Unlimited becomes less appealing to authors. Again.

I just checked the titles I have in Kindle Unlimited (generally shorts and the one YA) and I found an across-the-board decrease so that the KENPC is 87% of the original page count. Some sleight of hand, this. I won’t … Continue reading

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