Love's Last Refuge

Gotta Love Good News

Team Czar departed the station at exactly 1:15am, the horse trailer creaking and groaning as it exited the driveway onto our narrow country road. The moon was so bright you could see colors. Little Miss Mayhem and I spent a few minutes staring out the window at the retreating tail lights, enjoying the cool night air.

The Team is headed to Maine for the Northeast Challenge 100 – that’s 100 miles in 24 hours with a few vet checks and rest stops included. Ro and Czar will have a good friend, Dodie Sable, crewing for them.

Mom’s got pom-poms at the ready when Saturday rolls round. Best I can do since I’m the official caretaker of the hacienda for the duration.

Speaking of… The old man, Mr. Bob aka The Bobster, is in a right old funk, sulking because he was left alone. He refused to come to the barn for his breakfast, choosing to stay at the run-in shed and complain rather loudly about his lot in life. Eventually he did mosey on down while I stripped his stall and made everything nice and tidy for him. I was underwhelmed by his appreciation…

When I got online, I had quite a surprise—two actually. My newest, Timber Lake, was a featured book in the AllRomance ARe Cafe newsletter (first time ever) and that bumped interest so much that I’m now on the BestSeller list! Currently standing at #18 out of 50 sitewide. And it’s on sale at 50% off  HERE

This is why I love my smaller pond. All Romance targets my audience and provides the kind of visibility that’s just not feasible on a behemoth like Amazon (though I’m doing okay there).

I think tomorrow I shall celebrate with a Rafflecopter. Stay tuned.

Meantime, head out of the clouds… His Most Royal requires company, the Hens from Hell need fresh water and the last of the tomatoes need picked (that’s central PA speak). After that, I think I’ll sift through the WiPs and see what appeals.

Have a fabulous day!