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Writer In Progress: The Eagle and the Fox, by Nya Rawlyns

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This month I bring you an excerpt from author Nya Rawlyns. Her extensive library of written books includes a little something for everyone, with sensual scenes that will have you holding your breath for more.…

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Why books (probably) won’t be subsumed into a “Spotify” model…

Originally posted on Brad Vance Author:
Yeah, that’s the End Of Days scenario for writers, the idea that ebook sales will just…stop. That Amazon will finally get the One Ring and its digital Nazgul will come screeching down on all other…

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Gotta Love Good News

Team Czar departed the station at exactly 1:15am, the horse trailer creaking and groaning as it exited the driveway onto our narrow country road. The moon was so bright you could see colors. Little Miss Mayhem and I spent a … Continue reading

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Launch Day for Timber Lake #MM #Suspense #Romance

Timber Lake (The Snowy Range Series) The most dangerous animal in the wilderness is… man. Michael Brooks is a loner by nature, a man with a hair trigger temper and a deep abiding love for the wilderness he patrols. Sonny … Continue reading

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If you can’t sell ’em, give ’em away #Free #Amazon #2days

ROMAN (Saints and Sinners) Genre: Paranormal, occult, suspense, thriller FREE 2 days only on AMAZON Some secrets are worth keeping… TJ Nowak lost a mother with ice in her veins but gained a father she barely knew. Her brother Anton … Continue reading

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Recommended Reads: M/M, Cowboy, Lit Fic Genres #HotReads

While I huddle in A/C trying to stay cool and not think overmuch about the electric bill coming at the end of the month, I’ve been reading. A lot. Some good, some meh, some truly awful. But let’s focus on … Continue reading

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Too Hot for the Oven? It’s Slow Cooker Time!

Even with the A/C on, the prospect of baking a pork tenderloin for 65 minutes just doesn’t appeal. Usually I use the slow cooker during the winter months, for soups and stews, but today I decided to pull it out … Continue reading

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Publishing: That’s Not How It Works #rantaliciousness

It began on Face Book… No, wait. It began with anticipation, with having had positive experiences reading a particular author’s works. It began with seeing the posts about a new one, the reported word counts and the countdowns, the fans a’buzzing. … Continue reading

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Kindle Unlimited: The Reader Perspective

Did you ever have a reality check? You know the one… EoM, the MasterCard statement arrives with page after page of charges, many (and I do mean many) of them shoring up the juggernaut we lovingly call The Zon (not … Continue reading

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One Day Spectacular Sale from ARe/OmniLit

One day only! All my titles on ARe/OmniLit are 50% off with rebate. That includes 50% off titles already on sale!

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