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#AskELJames: The Poignant & Profitable Martyrdom of E.L. James

Originally posted on The Order of Turbulence:
Roman emperors knew a thing or two about how to keep a population happy: bread and circuses. They built a coliseum to do it, complete with cringing Christians and half-starved, rabid lions. While…

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Marriage Equality, Love Wins


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On KU Adjustments, Kerfuffles and an Impassioned Plea from a Respected Author

Face Book is a hotbed of information and opinion ops this fine morning (not fine for long, not with storms bearing down like a freight train).   One of the major kerfuffles has been over Amazon’s newest “initiative/adjustment” to how … Continue reading

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One Dish Wonder: Sweet ‘n Sour Chicken and Veggies Hawaiian Style

The garden yield has gone sky high, what with all the rain. I stripped the snow peas today, thinned the scallions, and found some veggies in the fridge tottering on the edge of being suitable only for soup. Add to … Continue reading

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This ‘n That Sunday

I awoke to find a lovely email from a reader who wanted me to know how much she enjoyed Points on a Curve. Thank you, Mary. You truly made my day. The Book Tour for The Eagle and the Fox … Continue reading

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My Day in Pics

Summer cold attack. Medicine cabinet has nothing later than 1997 remedies. #nothelpful Mr. Bob gets himself stuck on wrong side of fence. Waits for help. I’m zonked out from taking a 1997 Sudafed tablet. More rain. Volunteer sunflower in pot … Continue reading

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Teaser Tuesday

Stalking down the short hallway, Brick found a door on the right slightly ajar. He shoved it open, then halted, his mouth dropping open. Ian had a syringe… “Jesus fucking Christ, Ian! What in God’s name do you think you’re … Continue reading

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Romance Festival June 20th NYC

This coming Saturday June 20th, I will join good friend, Roz Lee, at the RWANYC Romance Festival to be held at the The Morris-Jumel Mansion, 65 Jumel Terrace (between West 160th & 162nd Street). The Festival runs from 1:00 – 4:30pm. If you … Continue reading

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Celebration Launch #Giveaway #Excerpt: The Eagle and the Fox

Tuesday, June 9th is the official launch day for The Eagle and the Fox (A Snowy Range Mystery), but as usual Amazon has tripped the light fantastic and published the print version a day ahead. Not that I’m complaining. I … Continue reading

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Friday Teaser

From the WiP: Brick by Brick (Six Easy Pieces) Defiance turned to insolence. “You should be grateful, old man. You’re the first.” Shedding dewy youth, the boy’s face hardened into tight lines, the mouth pinched with a mixture of disgust … Continue reading

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