Sexy Saturday Excerpt

Excerpt from The Eagle and the Fox (A Snowy Range Mystery)
From Chapter 18, The Long Kiss Hello

Josh leaned forward and pitched his voice to a raw whisper. “Me, Marcus?” He pulled his tee-shirt over his head and watched Marcus’ pupils turned inky dark. Then he gave the man his short answer…

“You want to know what I am, Marcus? That one’s easy. I’m fucking desperate.”

Marcus’ grin lit the room. He beckoned Josh to lean forward until their lips nearly touched and murmured, “One thing you forgot, cowboy.”

“What’s that?”


With a flourish Josh pulled the strawberry flavored lube out of the bag and held it up for Marcus’ inspection.

Marcus groaned, “Christ. My bed. Now.”


About Nya Rawlyns

Nya Rawlyns doesn’t write typical romance. She writes emotion as a contact sport, rough and often raw. It need not be pleasant, heart-warming or forever after. What she seeks is what lies beneath—a dance of extremes, the intersect of need and desire, and the compromises we make when pain and pleasure become indistinguishable. ***** She has lived in the country and on a sailboat on the Chesapeake Bay, earned more than 1000 miles in competitive trail and endurance racing, taught Political Science to unwilling freshmen, and found an avocation in materials science. ***** When she isn’t tending to her garden or the horses, the cats, or three pervert parakeets, she can be found day dreaming and listening to the voices in her head.
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