Mending Fences Goes Live

1520658_635147486547230_1050279346_nI’m both happy and sad to arrive, at long last, on Launch Day for MENDING FENCES (A Crow Creek Novel). Happy, well… because. But sad also. It’s the final book in the series, bringing to a conclusion a character and story arc that began with Strapping Ash (book 3) and continued through four intersecting stories.

I’m not sure when Ben Kincaid snagged readers’ hearts. Some say when he first showed up in the hospital room and set Oak’s heart atwitter. Or perhaps it was when he and Oak had a moment, a sensual remembrance of what they’d had as kids—having each other’s backs when their families kicked them to the curb.

Others mention the naughty antics in Sorting Will… Will Halliday is looking to put what seems like betrayal by Sam Turner far behind him. He’s lost and confused. It’s a good thing Ben’s there, otherwise he’d be hanging on by a thread.

Ben asks… “Who is Dr. Sam Turner?”

“The asshole who fucked you and dumped you.” Bennie was back and pissed. “He’s not worth your time, kiddo.”

Will stood and moved away from the bed. There was temptation there, the kind that would hurt his best friend, make him believe he had a chance. All he needed to do was nod his head and Ben would do his best to make it all go away. But Ben kept his distance, a first for a man whose instincts were to embrace and touch and caress when he sensed a friend was in need.

“I want to show you something. Get some riding clothes on.”

“You’re kidding. We just spent how many hours in the saddle, towing mules and eating dust? I smell like shit, my mouth feels like I ate shit…”

“And you look like shit. A good reason to take your mind off your…” he grinned, “…shit, and I have a perfect distraction.” His eyes sparked with deviltry as he fondled his erection. “Well, let’s just say it’s a good distraction. I don’t think you’re ready for perfect right now, am I right?”

Shaking his head, Will quickly stripped off his wrangler clothes and dropped them in a heap by the chair. “Can I get Carmen to wash this stuff?” He wrinkled his nose. He knew he was fragrant after that trip down the mountain, just not quite that bad. “Maybe we should burn it instead.”

Ben wandered into the bathroom and turned on the hot water. They had individual units for each cabin, but Ben had shut his off while they were away, and had forgotten to turn it back on.

“Ah, it’s warming up. Come on, let’s do this together.”

He was going to say, “You go ahead,” but there wouldn’t be enough warm water for separate showers. Digging his nails into the palm of his hand, he warned Ben to behave himself. He wouldn’t, and maybe that wasn’t such a bad thing…

husband 6

Ben has always been the friend with benefits, and the last one to wave goodbye when lovers drive off into the sunset for their happily ever after. In Flankman, Ben befriends Danny Blake and Tristan Wells, two rodeo pros who’ve been in a secret relationship for over two years. When the truth comes out, it puts everyone in the crossfires of men who don’t take kindly to “their sort”.

Danny and Tris care about Ben… a lot:


Ben Kincaid had shouldered a burden that wasn’t his own. He’d stepped up and taken a place beside them, like family … except what drew them together went beyond that. This was new territory for him and Tristan. Kincaid had been right to ask if what they were offering was a pity fuck, a once and done, holed up in a sleazy motel performing a sleazy act to scratch a carnal itch. Danny had too much respect—for himself and Tristan and Ben Kincaid—to even consider that an option.

He tilted his head with interest when Benny said, “I might have a solution.”

“We’re listening.”

“If we can tie up those loose ends fast enough, we can get out of here and go back to the ranch.” He looked up, his eyes—those striking baby blues—filled with hope. “We’d be leaving a couple days earlier than planned. I was thinking maybe you’d like to spend them … with me.” He picked up speed, spewing out an invitation that had Danny’s heart racing and his cock stirring with interest. “The, uh, cabin is still empty. And most everybody will be heading up to the high country to begin the drive back down to winter pasture. We’d have it mostly to ourselves.”

Tristan asked, “Including that room in the hayloft?” He rubbed his left ass cheek and grinned up at Danny, the question on his face clear as a bell … do you want to do this?

Nodding, Danny said, “We have to stop and pick up the gelding from Sam and Will’s place, but other than that, I’m not due back at Three Bars until next week.” And since he never took time off for himself, he was pretty sure his boss wouldn’t begrudge him a few extra days. Especially when he was coming home with three checks that represented a significant addition to the ranch’s bottom line.

Tristan reached for Danny’s hand and stood, pulling the three of them together. “We need this. I need this.”

Shivering as Tristan took Benny’s mouth in a lingering kiss, Danny cupped their heads, holding them together and giving himself permission to take what was being offered. But the time wasn’t yet right. He slapped each of them on the rump. “Come on, you lovebirds. Let’s get some rest. The sooner we take care of business, the sooner we get back to the ranch and I get into those drawers.”

Tristan groaned. “You’re such a perv, Blake.”

“And if you don’t behave, I’m going to make sure you don’t sit down for a week.”

Benny muttered, “Jesus, he’s quite the dom, isn’t he?”

Danny grinned as Tristan purred, “You have no idea, Kincaid.”

But, in the end, it’s Ben, on the porch, waving as Tris and Danny head home to Texas to start their new life… together.


Mending Fences brings a new man into Ben’s life: Matthew Reynolds. For both men, finding that anchor in life, latching on to real and good and forever? Not in the cards.

Odd how fate sometimes has other ideas…


Release Day! Mending Fences (A Crow Creek Novel) by Nya Rawlyns

Book 6 in the Crow Creek Series

For everyone who fell in love with Bennie, this one’s for you.

Facing down the wilderness is nothing compared to facing down your demons.



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About Nya Rawlyns

Crossing boundaries, taking no prisoners. Write what’s in your soul. It’s the bass beat, the heartbeat, the lyrics rude and true. Nya Rawlyns is the pseudonym of a writer who cut her teeth on sports-themed romantic comedy and historical romances before finding her true calling in the wilderness areas she has visited but calls “home” in that place that counts the most: the heart. She has lived in the country and on a sailboat on the Chesapeake Bay, earned more than 1000 miles in competitive trail and endurance racing, taught Political Science to unwilling freshmen, and found an avocation in materials science. When she isn’t tending to her garden or the horses, the cats, or two pervert parakeets, she can be found day dreaming and listening to the voices in her head.
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One Response to Mending Fences Goes Live

  1. Catherine L Byrne says:

    I think at first, I thought Ben was just a shallow person, sleeping with anyone he wanted, uncaring and even cold hearted. However over the series, I realised he does just love people, he doesn’t have ulterior motives apart from that. He quickly became tired of being the one who never settles down-if he’d continued being everyone’s lover, I wouldn’t have liked him.



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