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When Did Writers Become Second Class Citizens?

This isn’t exactly a rant. It’s more a question, a puzzle I’ve been trying to solve for quite some time. Fresh off a writer’s conference, I’m pumped and discouraged, and elated and despairing, assured and unsure… Whatever gamut of emotions … Continue reading

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Don’t Read My Books If You Need CLEAN READER

See UPDATE below! The latest kerfuffle is over a new app called CLEAN READER which replaces profanity/explicit words with those more suited to delicate sensibilities. Witch for bitch (hello practitioners, insulted much?). From the Washington Post: “The app automatically obscures … Continue reading

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Sensual or Explicit: Bridging Erotic to Transgressive (18+)

Transgressive fiction bridges the divide between the titillating, yet (marginally) acceptable, and those boundary lines that leverage prescription with proscription. The lines can shift: by individual, by social attitudes, by cultural mores and social expectations. It can blast apart our … Continue reading

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Sensual or Explicit: Para-My-Normal

Scenes of affection with a paranormal bent allow for imagery that titillates and transgresses in a naughty but sorta safe way. You can do with a shifter or a vamp what you might consider tres risky or off-putting in a more … Continue reading

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Sensual or Explicit: The Romantic Comedy Version

Scenes of affection (SoA) are not the easiest to write—just ask any romance author. It’s a bit like listening to an actor or actress talk about stunt/body doubles, how much or how little to reveal and under what conditions. Add … Continue reading

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Shrill of Sparrows (SA Collins) Book Tour #Review #Giveaways

Please join me in welcoming SA Collins who brings us his paranormal shifter tale, Shrill of Sparrows, that had a bit of a rocky start (see details below) but it’s now up and in full swing. We’ll have a Giveaway … Continue reading

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Sensual or Explicit, You Decide

The romance author, especially one who writes erotic romance, must walk a fine line between staying true to the plot and the characters’ motivations, yet being hyper-aware of readers’ sensibilities. An author acquaintance mentioned she’d received criticism for having “too … Continue reading

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Serials Are Killing My Wallet: What a Way to Go!

Serials are back, not that they’d ever gone far, but their popularity has certainly ratcheted with the advent of Kindle Unlimited which features low-priced short stories, novellas and novelettes (aka, low word count). I was on the fence for a … Continue reading

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Mending Fences Goes Live

I’m both happy and sad to arrive, at long last, on Launch Day for MENDING FENCES (A Crow Creek Novel). Happy, well… because. But sad also. It’s the final book in the series, bringing to a conclusion a character and … Continue reading

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Countdown to Launch of Mending Fences #excerpt #giveaway

Coming soon (Tuesday, March 10th), the launch of the final book in the Crow Creek Series and already I’m having separation anxiety. MENDING FENCES Available for Pre-Order KINDLE   ARe/OmniLit   B&N   Kobo The GIVEAWAY is still going on…  RAFFLECOPTER for the … Continue reading

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