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“Did I flinch? Oh, tell me I didn’t flinch!” On idolising stoicism

Originally posted on Zen and the Art of Tightrope Walking:
“Did I flinch? Oh, tell me I didn’t flinch!” On idolising stoicism The line in the title comes from Lark Rise To Candleford, one of my favourite books and a…

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Take to the Sky Book Blog Tour #Excerpt #Review #Giveaways

Please welcome Gregory Jonathan Scott and his newest book, a fantasy adventure, Take to the Sky, Presented by GGR-PromoGroup This is a M/M romance with a twist that will have you on the edge of your seat. We’ll have an … Continue reading

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Black Friday My Way: Freebies & Discounts Ole!

Yes, it’s Black Friday, and no I’m not leaving the house (I think a bona fide war zone would be safer today). But I am offering some bargains on a few titles: some FREE, some heavily discounted. I can’t give … Continue reading

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Giving Thanks…

Giving thanks… …for the exquisite choreography of wind and cloud …for old bones and ageless dreams …for warm purrs and kind eyes …for the soft embrace and scent of spice …for those who’ve crossed …for those who wait …for all … Continue reading

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Update to the Zon Brouhaha

An update to the brouhaha with KDP Select vs Xena the Warrior Author (moi): I received an email in reply to my complaint/explanation. Yes, they realize that indeed it can be difficult to clear channels but once I confirm that … Continue reading

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Preemptive Strikes and Amazon: Welcome to the New Despotism

Amazon, in particular KDP, has been extolling the virtues of going exclusive with Kindle Select—offering a variety of incentives, including Kindle Unlimited. I blogged earlier that I decided to try it out, so I withdrew from all other sales channels, … Continue reading

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In New Laptop Hades, Or How I Learned to Love Windows 8 (Not)

It’s an HP Pavillion with a terrabyte of memory (rich bitch) and a 17″ screen and RAM and Core i3 Intel processor. It was on sale, it was in the store. Staples loaded Microsoft 365, transferred files, and offered a … Continue reading

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Malware Bites

My trusty laptop has succumbed to something, not sure what. I dropped >5Gb in a couple hours, taking the C: drive almost to the point of non-functioning. The Dell Inspiron is an oldy but goody, in use nearly 16 hours/day. … Continue reading

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Rant: The Ghettoization of Erotic Content

I’ve been stewing over an issue for a few days. I write, as I hope y’all know by now, in a variety of genres: homoerotic lit, M/M contemporary, paranormal, suspense… Hells bells, I write het romance and historical when the … Continue reading

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Taking Sides. Maybe. On Kindle Unlimited.

On the matter of Kindle Unlimited… There’s been a boatload of discussions around whether or not Kindle Unlimited (KU) is the Second Coming or the death knell for indies and publishing in general. There are allegations that it is a … Continue reading

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