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Flash Fiction: Charles

Charles  Eyes closed, I was cruising on the treadmill next to the track, working up a sweat. “You’re new here, aren’t you?” I turned and smiled. He continued, “I’ve been coming here for eleven years. I’m Charles …” “Hi, Charles, … Continue reading

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A Season of Firsts: Tangled Vows

Ma was by the chicken pen giving that new latch a good look. She had a long memory, ’specially when that memory circled around something I’d said or done that was off or skirting the truth like Grams was fond … Continue reading

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Keepers: 5 Books Moving to My Permanent Shelf

I read, and review, a lot of books, primarily eBooks but not exclusively—to the tune of 300+ per year. Granted, there are short stories and novellas in that lot, but still … it’s nearly a book a day. I wish, … Continue reading

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Righteous Booty (NSFW)

Yesterday the scales tipped into a deep pool of unmitigated drama on FaceBook. From purveyors of ill-tidings, end-of-the-world-of-publishing as we know it, to a slew of thou-shalts and thou-shants, my word… It was mind-numbing, blood pressure spiking, rant-worthy, argumentative worthy … Continue reading

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Rantalicious Tuesday

I went off on my Face Book page but decided my blood pressure isn’t coming down yet so here’s to sharing the wealth. RANT ON: >>I’m sick of shilling my work. It sucks every creative instinct clean away. >>I’m sick … Continue reading

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5 Reasons for No Reason

>>The sun shines brightly today. After days of slogging through rain, the deep mud sucking my muck boots off in the middle of the paddock and not knowing where to put that bare foot down, shivering, poking … muttering, “Eeeuw … Continue reading

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A Season of Firsts: Tangled Tears

It was there, just in the back of my throat, just like earlier, the no no no no clogging it, clogging my throat, making it near impossible to breathe past the no and the please and don’t and I’ll do … Continue reading

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Shattered Chaos is Harmony for the broke And battered. Skin crazes In the endless fletch Of winter. Armor chinks And falls away Unremarked. The whole That once was Webs. Hope is The gate that Never opens. Loss is Emotion in … Continue reading

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A Season of Firsts: Tangled Cares

Ma sighed. “Oh, Harold. You never could do it proper. Come here.” She reached up, high up, stretched far as she could go. Even with her Sunday black patent leather heels, Ma wasn’t bigger ’n a minute. Pa grumbled, “Now, … Continue reading

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Dipping a Toe in Audio & a Giveaway

I can blame Elaine Raco Chase for putting a bee in my bonnet to have at least one of my stories produced as a audio book. I’ve read many of Elaine’s delightful romances, but it wasn’t until she generously gifted … Continue reading

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