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The Call

Sultry, shimmering, slanted low, sol banks its blaze, retreats. She gazes blind to waning rays and idly flicks her hand past pale organza curtains.  Feather light they waft as waves, undulating, flowing in shadows lifting, shifting, melting to gold. Wistful, … Continue reading

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A Season of Firsts: Tangled Weave

Zach lit up, drew deep, held it tight. When it released I pulled on the air spilling from his lungs, feeling the current tickle down my throat. He grinned up at me, his left arm folded behind his head, making … Continue reading

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A Season of Firsts: Tangled Seams

“You. Boy.” Not hey Zach or son or demon monster from hell, just you boy like it didn’t much matter one way or t’other if I answered or flipped him the bird. Maybe he feared I’d answer back, ask a … Continue reading

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Sinful Sunday: Points on a Curve

My alter ego grooves on basketball, snarky heroes, unconventional heroines and a bit of naughty comedy. In Points on a Curve, Rob’s a sports journalist with a nose for news, Tay’s a former European basketball star on the run from … Continue reading

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GGR-Review and Giveaway!

Woke up to a wonderful review of CURLING IRON (A Bad Boyfriends Novella). Scott Burkett said, ““Reading this book is like finding a gem in a sea of pebbles, it is that exhilarating and exciting.” Read full review here: GGR-Review … Continue reading

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Pausing to Reflect

Today it seems appropriate to give thanks, for no special reason.   From my window, my deck, I see forever and today. I hear the sounds of life all about: hens squawking, roosters proclaiming hegemony, birds, the soft nickers of … Continue reading

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A Season of Firsts: Tangled Sky

It’s odd how you never really remember the good days in quite the same way you do the bad. It’s those oddments, like Grams used to say, the small things you hardly notice most time that registered. The bad kinda … Continue reading

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Sinful Sunday Sin

From the WiP, In the Land of Sand and Stone… Sometimes it takes more than a glance to establish interest. Follow along, ten chapters are now available. Excerpt: The dull intake of breath gave her away. That, and dark eyes … Continue reading

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Saturday Sizzle

From Curling Iron (A Bad Boyfriends Novella): David desperately needs a lifeline. Out of work and out of options, he accepts the offer to explore a position with Kane’s escort service. It doesn’t take long for David to realize he … Continue reading

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Friday Short: Coming About

There’s a beat to each swell, a timpani of halyards slapping like glass shattering over and over, the vibrations a shudder that thrums the soul. A groan, the tiller resists, then lifts, lifts, lifts. Bracing, she wails her fury, plunging … Continue reading

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