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The Supreme Court Enters the WAR on WOMEN

In the nine kinds of how stupid can you be, the US Supreme Court ruled in favor of Hobby Lobby that… “The U.S. Supreme Court today ruled that business owners can object on religious grounds to a provision of President … Continue reading

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Sunday Short: Purple Shroud

“Come on, now, you two. Get in the van. It’s getting late.” “Grandma? Why can’t I stay and play with Amy?” “Because we have somethin’ special to do. Somethin’ I want for you both,” I paused, not having words right … Continue reading

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A Little Tah-dah If You Please

My favorite “small pond” is ARe/OmniLit. It’s where my audience for M/M contemporary lit goes to find new titles, and sometimes they stumble across moi. They offer a variety of format and I can run sales when I want to, … Continue reading

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Good Boy Bad Launches

GOOD BOY BAD Blowout on ARe/OmniLit, today only, $1.39 KINDLE     Buy Direct Genre: Transgressive fiction, homoerotic lit, M/M, contemporary gay lit Some scars are skin deep… The system failed Alex at every turn, failure that taught him that … Continue reading

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Ma Nature unleashed a little hell-on-earth last night, our township bearing the brunt of it. It hit with a wall of water, 60-70 mph sustained winds. The flowering plum bent, bent so much we feared we’d lose it. The treeline … Continue reading

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It’s Humpday! Let’s Have Sales, Lots of Sales!

What was she thinking? Well, she’s looking to spread the love for the Crow Creek gang, for starters. Books 1-3 are best read in sequence but Books 4 and 5 are true standalones (with recurring characters, and I promise, you … Continue reading

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FREE: Muse in the Dark

Muse in the Dark is free until Thursday from Kindle Select. It’s a collection of poetry, shorts and flash fiction from seven authors who write across a broad range of genres. Contributors: Sessha Batto, Janus Gangi, Diane Nelson, Erin O’Quinn, Morgann Peters, Nya Rawlyns, Suzana Wylie All … Continue reading

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Kindle Countdown Deal: Points on a Curve

POINTS ON A CURVE (Nya writing as Diane Nelson) Genre: romantic comedy, suspense, sports theme Rob’s a sports journalist looking to score a headline but finds more than he bargained for. Tay’s an ex-basketball star hiding from her past, Rob’s … Continue reading

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The Gate at the End of the Lane

When I found him, he was wet, sopping wet, his hair plastered to his head. Twigs and branches, pine needles, everything a five-nine height could grab running through the woods, Danny wore it like a crown. Not a royal crown. … Continue reading

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Dreu, Jef & Rafe: One of these is not like the other…

Michel, the Demon Lord of Hel, rescued Dreu from a dire fate, ensconcing his wayward, and only, offspring in the care of his trusted lieutenants. Which would be fine if Dreu didn’t test demon loyalty—and patience—at every opportunity, not that … Continue reading

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