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Ranty McRant Wednesday

  Let’s make this a two-pronged attack, all leveled at the Zon (Amazon for those not quite as up-close-and-personal as authors/publishers). Volley #1: a policy that apparently has been in place for some time but was not actively enforced—until now—is … Continue reading

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My Heros Have Always Been Cowboys

I’ve been mentally pacing those interior spaces, trying to decide what story to tackle next, confronting something that looks a lot like this—you know, in my mind’s eye… But Rowan’s been hell-bent on Western themes: wide open spaces, hard times, hard … Continue reading

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The Gift

  The Gift The air is heavy this morning, weighted with mist that assaults the skin with fairy taps, stinging nettles forcing retreat, sound magnified oddly, the bass blue and smooth, high notes lost in a libretto of shrouded warmth. … Continue reading

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            My friend asked: how do you measure success … you as writer, artist, transgressive transgressor? A fair question, voiced at an unfair time—especially after the wails, the gnashing of teeth, self-flagellation and my immolation … Continue reading

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