Two Weeks to Go #Xmas #Giveaway #Audiobooks

To celebrate the upcoming Holidays, I’m holding a weekly series of GIVEAWAYS  (see the RAFFLECOPTER LINK below) featuring the latest of my audiobook releases.


This week, from Dec.10-14, 2016, enter the giveaway for your choice of the following audiobooks:

curling-iron-audiobook-full-sizeCURLING IRON (Book 1, Bad Boyfriends), narrated by the fabulous Michael Ferraiuolo

Kane leads a double life. By day, he pumps iron, running a fitness center, where jocks and Cougars flock for the burn and the ‘tude. By night, it’s something else entirely that gets pumped, as Kane swaps sweats for Armani to cater to an exclusive clientele, willing to pay well to indulge their special interests and tastes. His double life isn’t a problem until his conniving ex tightens the financial screws.

Finding and retaining suitable companions for his after-dark clients isn’t easy. David Black’s pole dancing performance at a friend’s club hints that he might hit all the bullet points on Kane’s list of requirements, in a way that could mean something other than “just business.”

David is out of work and out of options, so when he’s offered the choice of starvation or performing both on and off the stage, it’s a no-brainer. Kane’s offer of a position with the escort service is as attractive as the man himself, and David agrees to a trial period involving certain conditions. He quickly finds that he’s out of his depth.

Confronted with unanticipated roadblocks, one thing is clear… neither man is taking no for an answer.

Reviewer says:

“You would be hard-pressed to find a better all-encompassing series than this one which needs absolutely no sequel to keep you interested. You are satisfied, if not totally out of breath.” ~~ Boon, Amazon Review

“Michael’s narration was excellent, with so much emotion and intonation. His voice is easy on the ear, and his pace and expressions are spot on.” ~~ Lily G. Blunt, Audible Review


points-on-a-curve-audioPOINTS ON A CURVE, narrated by the delightful Kellie Kamryn

She’s got the wingspan, he’s got the nose for news. Together it’s a match made on and off the court.

Taylor O’Brien has a checkered past—a former darling of the European Women’s Basketball circuit, she made a few bad choices along the way, mostly falling for a con man who managed to ruin her career and sent her back home to the States with her tail between her legs.

But Tay is no quitter. She vows to turn her life around by enrolling at NYU, even if that means being single and lonely in the Big Apple. What Tay never counted on was her best friend setting her up with younger brother Rob van Horn, a sports journalist who has the resources to dig into the particulars of her disgrace. It is definitely not a match made in heaven.

It takes all of Tay’s skills she’s learned on the court to deflect Rob’s nose for a story and keep him from going for the slam dunk. When they finally go head-to-head in the paint, Tay shows Rob that the best offense is sometimes a good defense, even if that means going man-to-man.

Reviewers say:

“It is so refreshing to read a well written book about being an adult with romantic issues. I’ve already re-read twice. The heroine is over the top in a good way, with a snarky mouth and a new independence she so richly deserves. Don’t miss this story.” ~~Curmudgeon, Amazon Review

“I absolutely love this story. The characters are just made to fall in love with. I enjoyed the fact that there is a sports story involved. While there was plenty of action to move the story along, I also snickered and laughed at several of the scenes. I could thoroughly relate! A very enjoyable read and one that I highly recommend!” ~~Amy J. Sanders, Amazon Review


Two winners will be chosen on Friday Dec. , 2016.

The final GIVEAWAY will be posted on Dec. 17.



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A Little Magic for the Holidays

Central park in Manhattan

Central park in Manhattan


Genre: Contemporary M/M romance, Holiday romance, novella

It all started with horses, specifically carriage horses in New York City, and the current mayor’s vow to remove them from service. That has caused quite an outcry, both from animal rights activists, horse lovers, and the folks who run the carriage tours through Central Park and midtown Manhatten.

Aside from allegations of abuse and all the rhetoric that surrounds this issue has been the one abiding concern—what happens to the horses when you retire them? Where do they go, who will care for them properly? Will they end up on a truck bound for Canada and the horsemeat market, or will they be put down because they are too big, too expensive to care for?

With that thought in mind, and it being close to Christmas, and me feeling the need for something heartwarming and uplifting, Cole in His Stocking was born.

Cole O’Neil is a vet tech, born and raised in upstate New York, a man devoted to making a difference in the lives of the creatures under his care. He comes to the Big Apple looking for answers to help resolve the issues surrounding the carriage horse controversy by coming up with a plan to save the horses and to give his life new meaning and direction. The last thing he expects to find is a man with the potential to upend all those plans.

Jake Richardson has dreams, big ones, but like so many before him, his reality is often much different. After he blows a chance at acting Off-off-off Broadway, Jake resigns himself to being alone and forgotten, in a dead end retail job catering to the rich and shameless, and pretty much going nowhere. A buddy talks him into going to a Pity Party. Jake isn’t interested in meeting anyone new, but turning down free food and drinks when you’re broke is hard to pass up.

When Jake meets Cole at the party, the man is cheerfully tipsy and not exactly thinking clearly. A series of comical missteps puts them on more intimate terms than either could possibly have anticipated. Though Cole makes it clear he’ll be leaving in a few days to kick start his new life, both men are reluctant to loose the reins and go their own way.

With the help of friends, and the enchantment that comes from a carriage drive through Central Park in the snow, Jake and Cole have one last chance to find it doesn’t take a miracle for dreams to come true. Sometimes magic happens when you just open your heart.



After the embarrassing incident at the party, Jake agrees to leave with Cole… sort of.

Jake gingerly minced his way to the mass of coats on the bed, pawed through the pile and extracted his tattered outerwear from the tower of similar Goodwill vintage cast-offs. The man who might be a serial killer helped him into the coat, smoothed the shoulders and settled the scarf around his neck. He made a double loop around Jake’s throat, then tucked it into the front of the coat and fingered the top button, all the while keeping his head down.

That was fine by Jake. The last thing he needed was to make eye contact and expose his soul to a stranger who had already opened him up to other possibilities, despite it not turning out exactly the way he might have hoped had he lived on another planet…

Planet normal.

Planet gay guy scores.

Planet having somebody special for the holidays…

Hell, let me have that planet’s moon while I’m at it so I can wake up next to that special someone instead of me alone, clutching a pillow instead of a warm body.

 Annoyed at the broken record that was his lot in life, Jake mumbled, “I’ve got it,” and did the unthinkable. He looked up, high enough to drink in the sight of thick lashes framing eyes the color of sin, a nose that had seen some action, rough skin bearing scars from the teenage scourge of acne, and a five o’clock dark growth Jake couldn’t manage even after a solid week of not shaving.

His gaydar meter stuttered to a stop in the face of so much masculinity. He might have swooned had the giant not taken his elbow and guided him out the door, down the steps, and into a wonderland of fresh slushy snow.

Name, name, what’s his name?

The man tipped his head in the direction of the Hudson River. “I’m down this way.” They did the ships in the night two-step, looked over each other’s shoulder and avoided mentioning the manner in which they’d gotten thrown together.

Jake took a step back, establishing space between them. Back at the flat, what had seemed inevitable, even downright reasonable, now tasted of bad idea and who the hell is this guy and why is he being nice to me?

Jake arranged what he hoped was a neutral look on his face, skirting accusatory and going for non-confrontational. The man shifted his weight from one foot to another. One of them had to break the stalemate, so Jake decided he’d go first. However, in lieu of a polite, “Sorry, didn’t catch your name,” what came out of his mouth was, “Um, look… I, uh…”

The man’s mouth twitched. “Cole. Cole O’Neil.” He held out his hand.


Cole in His Stocking is a feel good Holiday novella that will warm your heart and put a smile on your face.


There’s no place more festive, more glorious than the Big Apple during the Holidays. Jake Richardson loves the city, loves the lights and the hustle and bustle … but being alone again has put a real damper on his Christmas spirit.

Cole O’Neil is marking time as he plans his escape to a new life in the country, doing what he’s always dreamed about. When he encounters Jake at a party, he’s completely unprepared for the vision with curly auburn hair and sinful green eyes.

What starts as an embarrassing accident sends both Cole and Jake on a journey of discovery, but with time running out will they be able to find the courage to accept the joy of the season and to believe in each other?

Sometimes it only takes a little Holiday magic




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Three Weeks to Xmas Eve, Three #Audiobook #Giveaways #WeekOne

To celebrate the upcoming Holidays, I’m holding a weekly series of GIVEAWAYS  (see the RAFFLECOPTER LINK below) featuring the latest of my audiobook releases.

This week, from Dec. 3-8, 2016, enter the giveaway for your choice of the following audiobooks:

roman-acxROMAN (Saints and Sinners), narrated by J.R. Lowe

Roman is enigmatic, tempting, dangerous, irresistible. TJ’s about to make the biggest mistake of her young life. Or is she? In a dying town, two teens marked as broken struggle with the burden of lies masquerading as truth. Not even a man of faith is strong enough to hold back the coming darkness.

Roman (Saints and Sinners) will take you through a dark and perilous journey of the mind and heart. It will take you to the place where more than faith will be tested when it comes time to choose.

TRR’s Rebecca says:

Roman himself is the ultimate dark, brooding almost anti-hero…

…read almost like poetry in places

…raises teen angst to an entirely new level and adds a large dose of supernatural malevolence and mystery.

…original and often very eloquent


audio-cover-reluctant-alphaTHE RELUCTANT ALPHA (Ranch to Market Chronicles) narrated by David Leland Horton

When the enemy you face is the one you least expect…

It’s going to take a reluctant alpha, a gang of misfits, a prairie load of mistakes, Boyz from the Hood, and a visitor who’s not what he seems to face down a powerful adversary when the day of reckoning is nigh.

Coy Carruthers never asked to be alpha. He’s not cut out for it. No one is arguing, especially his uncle’s clan. With the odds stacked against him, Coy’s going to have to step up or step away when things go sideways.

The thing is… when it’s all over but the shouting, why is he still screaming?

The Reluctant Alpha is paranormal gay fiction, utilizing adult language and adult situations, and is intended solely for adult audiences.

Reviewers say:

“This story is a refreshing paranormal gay story that feels real to me.”~~L.A.

“…if you’re looking for great writing, a complex (and flawed) main character, an interesting cast of supporting characters, a new take on shifters/weres, a plot with real conflict (as opposed to trite misunderstandings), and some hot sex with BDSM themes, buy this book right away!”~~Karoon



Two winners will be chosen on Friday Dec. 9, 2016.

The next GIVEAWAY will be posted on Dec. 10 and Dec. 17 respectively.





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FREE on Amazon! DRAGON ACADEMY #fantasy for all ages #dragons

My alter ego also scribbles—lighter fare, with horses of course, and a few recalcitrant dragons that test their young charges’ skill and their families’ patience.


DRAGON ACADEMY seems to appeal to both adults and younger readers, from middle grade through late teens. It’s high on action-adventure, family-friendly humor, and a fair amount of peril… along with coming-of-age and a budding romance.

For two days only (11/28-29/2016) it’s FREE to download HERE.

Training teenage dragons with ‘tude stretch Nick’s skills to the limit.

With high school finished for the summer, Nick looks forward to visiting his aunt and uncle in New Jersey. What awaits him is a heat wave like no other—and the last two Greywing dragons on the planet. Nick has an innate ability to train horses but will he be able to translate his amazing skill to these teenage dragons?

The steaming soup of mid-summer heats up tempers and tests resolve as Nick vies with fellow trainers, Keith and Maxie, for mastery over their new charges. The dragons, Nikita and Michael, typical teenagers themselves, have other ideas.

Nick treads a torturous path through a minefield of competing demands: the expectations of his aunt and uncle, recalcitrant horses, the Academy’s female students and the overwhelming egos of Nikita and Michael. One small mistake erupts into a conflagration that hurls everyone into a race against time and the overwhelming forces of nature.

shay2Reviewer says:

“…like a classic action yarn, Dragon Academy isn’t just for teens; it will appeal just as much to adult readers.  Diane has developed a lively cast of characters that are quirky, entertaining, and downright laughable.”~~Mark Marker







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Ricky by Ashley John #BookReview #Gay #Romance

13335855_959797804136602_641352244266747879_nTitle: Ricky

Author: Ashley John

Genre: Gay romance

Page count: 316

Publisher: Self-published



On the surface, Ricky Thompson’s life is one long party. His razor sharp wit and unwavering sexual confidence masks his true pain and suffering, and that’s how he wants to keep things. Ten years after the death of his fiancé, Ricky has completely given up on the illusion of love. Wild nights in the bar and even wilder casual sex have become his coping mechanism, and he wants to keep the party going at whatever cost. When he is attacked in a dark alley and left for dead, Ricky’s life takes an unexpected turn and the party suddenly comes to an end.

Chase Brody doesn’t know where life is taking him. Between running his gym and raising his son, Dylan, the only time he puts himself first is his once a week trip to the gay bars. His family has convinced him he needs to find a mother for Dylan, so he keeps his sexual desires secret. He always believed women were for love and men were for sex, but he is forced to reevaluate everything he thought he knew when he stumbles across a helpless man in need of his help.

After Chase takes Ricky to the hospital, he offers him free self-defence classes, but it soon grows into something more complicated and both men are forced to listen to their hearts once again. Chase doesn’t know how Ricky will fit into his difficult life, and Ricky can’t seem to let go of his past heartache. With so much at stake, will these men admit they were wrong about love and surrender their hearts to each other, or is the risk too great?


Ricky is a standalone gay romance that occurs in the Timing ’Verse. It is first and foremost a character study of two men who each harbor deep-seated fears, insecurities and dysfunctional coping mechanisms. How they deal with what drives them when—in the space of a heartbeat—the world changes for the one and skids onto a new path for the other is the crux of this tale of coming out and acceptance in the face of hatred, ignorance and the threat of violence… and no small amount due to self-imposed roadblocks.

Ricky is Miss Kitty Litter, a drag queen and an alter ego wearing the armor that makes life bearable. He slips into the persona of she, not so much due to consummate acting skills—which is a large part of how Miss Kitty Litter manages to function—but as a manifestation borne of grief, loneliness and determination. Ricky keeps his secret safe, his heart secure and his complicated life on track with the help of Tom and Cole, his close friends and confidants.

Chase has been dealt an unwieldy hand of fate when the mother of his son dies and he must bring Dylan up alone, juggling work and parental duties, lack of funds and loneliness, and the pressures his family brings to bear on how he should be living his life. When he discovers Ricky in the alley, beaten and left for dead, everything changes as compassion morphs into something unexpected and quite unnerving for a man whose world view had always been binary. But feelings are feelings and what develops over a relatively short span of time must be dealt with if Chase is ever to find happiness and stability for him and his son.

There are several well-developed plot points that drive this story, minor characters that add to the richness of the main characters’ lives, sufficient angst and backstory to provide motivation, and opportunities to grow and evolve past the self-imposed barricades that are both strengths and weaknesses for Chase and Ricky.

Unfortunately, the resolution to the multitude of dilemmas that cascade nearly out of control was rushed and not entirely believable, especially for Ricky who is burdened with a drama ten years in the making and is such a fixture in his personality that when the façade finally cracks, the reader is left with doubts and worries that the HEA might only be temporary at best.

The narrative flow suffered from a repetition of phrases and wording. The scenes of affection were awkward, too frequently lacking in affect (too mechanical), and could have easily occurred “behind closed doors” without disturbing the story. Those minor characters who did add to the plot, on occasion, also overwhelmed it with actions and dialog that jarred and cried out for a different response, especially from Chase in the face of outright interference and passive-aggressive meddling.

All-in-all, Ricky was an interesting story that held my attention, with characters I could root for (plus a few I wanted to run over with a truck… twice), and a satisfying, albeit fairly typical romance ending. Four Stars.


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The Bad Boyfriends Series Now In Audiobook!

The Bad Boyfriends Series joins the audiobook ‘Verse with Curling Iron and Pumping Iron, available now from Amazon, ACX, iTunes, and other outlets.

The fabulous Michael Ferraiuolo narrates, bringing spot-on performances for all the characters.

curling-iron-audiobook-full-sizeCURLING IRON

Book #1 in the Bad Boyfriends Series

Kane leads a double life. By day, he pumps iron, running a fitness center, where jocks and Cougar flock for the burn and the ‘tude. By night, it’s something else entirely that gets pumped, as Kane swaps sweats for Armani to cater to an exclusive clientele, willing to pay well to indulge their special interests and tastes. His double life isn’t a problem until his conniving ex tightens the financial screws.

Finding and retaining suitable companions for his after-dark clients isn’t easy. David Black’s pole dancing performance at a friend’s club hints that he might hit all the bullet points on Kane’s list of requirements, in a way that could mean something other than “just business.”

David is out of work and out of options, so when he’s offered the choice of starvation or performing both on and off the stage, it’s a no-brainer. Kane’s offer of a position with the escort service is as attractive as the man himself, and David agrees to a trial period involving certain conditions. He quickly finds that he’s out of his depth.

Confronted with unanticipated roadblocks, one thing is clear… neither man is taking no for an answer.



UK Reviewer calls it “brilliant,”

GGR-Review says: “Reading this book is like finding a gem in a sea of pebbles, it is that exhilarating and exciting.”

ACX Review: “Good story, but Michael Ferraiuolo made it so much more. Each character was distinct and fun to listen to. Loved it. I hope the other books will be in audiobook format with Mr. Ferraiuolo at the helm.”

AMAZON AUDIOBOOK    |    ACX    |    iTUNES       





Book 2 in the Bad Boyfriends Series

What does it take to bring a slow simmer to a rolling boil?

Sean Rourke is hiding in plain sight as a Bad Boyfriends A-list escort, hoping to dodge the bullet from a few career missteps.

Mike Douglas’ financial backing and very special negotiating skills have him partnering not-so-silently at Bad Boyfriends, as well as running a training center for athletes and gym rats.

Eying each other at a distance is all they’ve allowed themselves until a joint special project at a seaside retreat in the Hamptons, entertaining a wily Boston attorney, shows them exactly how well they fit together, in more ways than simply business as usual.



…a good story, told with a hot undercurrent of true desire. ~~Drew Kirkpatrick

This was a steamy, entertaining, and unexpectedly sweet read. ~~Alina Popescu

What I loved about this story was there was never a break or a slow spot in the action. ~~Sue Allen Milkovich

While there aren’t any heavily erotic scenes I found the playful banter and sexual innuendo much more appealing. Rawlyns allows the reader to dream up the bedroom behavior of these two “Bad Boyfriends”. It’s an exercise in imagination that is the root of all story telling. ~~QueerTownAbbey



And coming in January 2017, JERKING IRON, the explosive conclusion to the BAD BOYFRIENDS SERIES











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The Big Gay Fiction Giveaway: 80+ Authors, FREE BOOKS


A blow-out giveaway to end all giveaways!

80+ authors offer a huge range of short stories, novellas and even full novels for FREE, all the very best in gay fiction!

You can pick up The Reluctant Alpha, the 1st book in the Ranch to Market Chronicles series.

Just click HERE

Scroll to find the cover, click, and presto, bingo!

But don’t dilly-dally, this GIVEAWAY only runs from Nov. 20-27

It’s our way to say “thank you” to all our lovely readers.


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Even Zealots Need A Nap #PhotoGallery

Giving my arthritic fingers a rest today while I listen-to-review a few audiobooks in the queue.

Here are some restful pics from my photo albums: Herself, aka Little Miss Mayhem, in all her glory…

ISO that silver lining:


Oh come on… You knew I couldn’t resist.

Let’s take a deep breath and center ourselves today.

Peace my friends.


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Striking a Chord #MomWasRight #Whiplash

I swear… I’m sending Face Book and the Drumpster a bill for the whiplash I’ve suffered since last Tuesday’s mandate to #MakeAmericaAJoke.

And just when you think the news can’t get any worse… well, by gum it does.

burnttoastFrom the DAILY KOS: Paul Ryan says Medicare is “toast” and plans on “… replacing it [with] private insurance with subsidies to help seniors afford the private insurance.” Joan Carter has been following Ryan’s war on seniors and his claims that Medicare is broken when in fact it’s not (lies? *facepalm*). She posits the question: will Trump, who has actually said he will leave Social Security and Medicare intact, allow Ryan free rein to strip seniors of a necessary safety net?

Oh oh oh!!! I know the answer to that one!

Yeah, he will.


Because Trump sees himself as the CEO of a corporation currently known as The United States of America, a position that allows him to delegate responsibility for the day-to-day operations via a select set of trusted VPs (cabinet, Supreme Court, appointed government posts) and operational managers like House Speaker Paul Ryan who happens to have a hard-on for dismantling Medicare.

photo-3Can you really see Trump taking the time to read, and thoroughly understand, a several hundred page tome that constitutes the next Budget proposal, in the bowels of which will be provisions to kill Medicare and seriously gut Social Security and a bucket list of other social programs? I didn’t think so. But his handlers will, make no mistake about it. He’ll be given the Cliff Notes for the Functionally Illiterate and consider himself gold.

Let’s parse this puppy…

Coupla troubling things here: “private insurance” and “subsidies” must be tied together because seniors on social security will NOT be able to afford the rates, ergo government will have to step in to “help” them. And since Social Security is also under attack (not will be, not maybe it could be, it is RIGHT NOW), that concept of safety net just got blown out of the water.

Now, since that’s a big “kaching” when you float the subsidies balloon, the whole argument about Medicare costing too much or the system being broken certainly sounds like a lot of hooey to me.

Sadly, for seniors (of which I have to count myself) it’s as far from hooey as you can get. Let me remind you that I’ve spent 45 years paying into Social Security, then Medicare, via payroll taxes. That’s six figures of income I coughed up in order to have a safety net in my so-called golden years. [That gold tarnished, who knew?] I’ll never get that back, never. But I willing supported a system that provided a modicum of support to *all* citizens, not just myself.

That’s called having a social conscience.

stock-illustration-9380095-old-lady-with-walker-266x300Privatizing all that means you, me and your granny with the walker will be subject to the greed and vagaries of a market devoid of social conscience and fully committed to lining the pockets of the 0.5% controlling the world’s wealth.

You thought, by electing an outsider, a successful businessman [sic] who could right the economic wrongs you perceive as being more important than liberty, equality and justice for all by sweeping aside the Old Guard in favor of… SHINY!… that the end justified the means.

Guess what. That SHINY just selected his first string from a cesspool of possibilities comprised of ALL the Old Guard you thought you were voting against!


Lobbyists (but but but… that’s all I could find in DC,  but… we’ll phase them out after they assume the mantle of legitimacy and dig their greedy little talons further into the trough of power and influence *eyeroll*).

White Supremacists: didn’t you see that coming? Bannon, dear sweet lord… Bannon and his mouthpiece, BREITBART. He’s a nutter of the first rank. Anti-Blacks. Anti-Semitic. Anti-Muslim. Anti-women. He wants us gals off the internet to save entitled white guys from having so much contention in their lives. Women whine and do go on dontcha know. Who needs that shit in their lives. They’re also ugly and unstable when they’re on birth control.

Trump claims to “cherish women” [ranked by tits and ass, of course… I mean a guy’s got standards when it comes to grabbing him some decent pussy] and avers he’s “the least racist person I know.”

*cough cough* This, from Politico:

“I have black guys counting my money. … I hate it,” Trump told John R. O’Donnell, the former president of Trump Plaza Hotel & Casino, according O’Donnell’s account in his 1991 book “Trumped!” “The only guys I want counting my money are short guys that wear yarmulkes all day.”

Bannon is now Trump’s CHIEF STRATEGIST. And a long-time personal friend of your new SHINY.

corpman-apple_1You may be under the delusion that what Trump says and does are two different things, and that’s just politics as usual. Um, wasn’t that why you voted, to get rid of “politics as usual”?

You say give him a chance. See what he can do. Sure, let’s see how well it works out with Trump spending half his time in his Penthouse, while Pence takes over the reins of government. Not de facto, but the actual, real, authoritarian reins.

Speaking of Penthouse, have you seen his digs? I mean, talk about conspicuous consumption! A real man of the people, that.

Trump sees himself as a CEO and CEOs exist at the whims of boards of directors and shareholders who own the largest blocks of shares by which they control the nature and course of a corporation.

Reality check, boys and girls. That ain’t you and it ain’t me.

So who and what is this SHINY you elected. He contradicts himself from one breath to the next. He displays his ignorance with every utterance. And despite that, you bought his vague promise to make it great, that “It’s gonna be wonderful.”

**Walls became fences.

**He’ll keep parts of Obamacare, which—for those of you keeping track—he PROMISED to kill in one fell swoop in his first 100 days. Totally. Completely. Erased. Gone. Sorta, maybe, hmmm, might keep that… dunno, we’ll see.

**Backpedaling on threats to jail his opponent: After arousing a mighty furor amongst his supporters [“Lock her up! Lock her up!”] , including threats of violence, post-election he’s all smoochies and owes Hillary Clinton a “debt of gratitude.”  “Trump never meant a word of what he said.”  In short, he lied.

14947536_636299503222373_5094078586191075445_n**Total ban on Muslims: his apologist, Stephen Cheung whines… “We never said ‘all’ Muslims.”

**Bringing back law and order: when protests erupted nationwide, SHINY whined they were all professional, paid protestors! [By-the-by, I’m waiting for my check to arrive in the mail, any day now.]

So, if you accept (you voted, so yeah, that’s a big yes) that Trump rode into a position of power on the tail of political expediency, aka business as usual (do I really need to keep reminding you this is THE major broken promise?), and you didn’t give a royal fuck… then how the hell do you reconcile the man from the mountain of lies he spews on a daily basis?

You say **you** aren’t a racist, a misogynist, a homophobe, a sexual predator… but you’re willing to ignore that Trump *is* all of these things and that’s okay, because when push comes to shove…it’s the economy, stupid.


And you can’t/won’t listen to the rest of us who are shell-shocked and terrified as we watch the dismantling of the American Dream in favor of your thirteen pieces of silver.


And then, the final insult… Trump looks at the camera, and spews the biggest bald-faced lie on God’s green earth: “Don’t be afraid.”

Well, as my Mom used to say…



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Why I’m Not OK

A dear friend asked if I was OK…

Sigh, the truth? Am I OK? No, I’m not.

I have perspective built from having lived 71 years, having learned and studied the lessons history has to teach us. I am educated, experienced in political protest, and knowledgeable about how government works thanks to my graduate studies in Political Theory.

I am not willing to compromise anymore by trying to make people feel good about themselves when they voted for Trump but complain it’s unfair for people like me to accuse them of being racist hate-mongers. They voted for a complete package that includes lies and real threats to all I hold dear.

As this transition period unfolds, Trump is dipping into an ultra-conservative, theocratic, hate-mongering pool of REPUBLICAN INSIDERS AND LOBBYISTS – exactly who he *promised* not to tap – to head up crucial areas of government: welfare, education, human rights, the justice department and more.

It’s just beginning. Trump by himself is a moronic joke, a pimple on the ass of the universe. A Trump government, with the full authority to roll back all the strides taken in pursuit of equality and justice, is now a reality not a one of us should have allowed to happen.

History has much to teach us: this piece about the differences between Churchill and Chamberlain should give every thinking American pause.

History does indeed repeat itself when willful ignorance and false prophets join hands in common cause.

Those who claim they are *not* racist or bigots, or homophobes, or misogynists… who claim they had *other* reasons, good and valid reasons to elect a man who is so vile by any standards of decency, a man who has comported himself throughout his life with no other goal than to satisfy his own whims, a man who is unstable, ephemeral and out-of-control on the largest stages… a man who made vague promises that are already strewn on the floor of expediency as the puppet masters behind this foul joke belly up to the trough of American ignorance, complacency and underlying hate… those voters *knew* all this and yet… yet… they *still* voted for the full package.

It’s not a Chinese menu, this voting process, choosing to support this and ignore that because it speaks to your narrow *special interests*.

Voting is for the WHOLE DAMN PACKAGE.

You knew what he was. The evidence was there, has been there all along. You ignored it. You voted. You put in place the means, the energy, the commitment to deny the most fragile, most at risk of our citizens their basic human rights.

It’s not just what Trump “believes” or says, it’s how he acts. The fox is in the hen house. The slaughter has just begun.

This is on you. It’s time to own your own culpability and your responsibility for what is already unfolding.

No amount of kumbaya and amelioration, no calls for unity or “understanding” your side of why you choose to terrify and damn your friends, your neighbors—even members within your own family—will ever excuse you legitimizing what has already become a reign of terror on women, LGBT, black, Muslim, immigrant, poor, and the sinking middle class’s most basic human rights.

We raised a generation where acts have no consequences, where getting a blue ribbon for showing up *trumps* sacrifice and commitment to the future. With one broad stroke, you have changed the shape of an America that good men, worthy men lived and died to protect. You dishonor them all.

That New World Order is here. And you, dear voter, have unleashed the Hounds of Hell.

The world is watching. Congratulations. America is great no longer.

#NotMyPresident #WeDontGoBack

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